Friday, March 24, 2006

Favorite Things

I like cheeseburgers. If you asked Andrew what he wanted to eat, he'd usually say pizza or sandwiches. I'd usually say cheeseburgers.

I've eaten a lot of cheeseburgers. Some of them tasted like I'd imagine ass tastes so I didn't finish them. Others were amazing, like the ones from Blueberry Hill, In-N-Out and Steak 'N Shake. Another fave place on my cheeseburger list is Fred 62.

Fred 62 is a weird place. The decor is that oddball spaceage stuff with hotel paintings with liminal messages like "Just Came to Eat Lunch" and freaky blacklights in the bathrooms. The food is consistently good, the service is usually good, and sometimes there's a wait for a table or space at the bar.

My favorites there are the Just Kid'n Burger (3 oz. of beef, the right amount for a girl who is trying to stay thin), the Apple Punk Tart (what Pop Tarts should be like), and the Dime Bag (which I've never ordered but Andrew has and I ate on his - eggs, hash browns, sausage & flapjacks). They often have really great soups (carrot ginger or creamy tomato). They're also right next door to the cheapest art-house theatre I've found in L.A. that doesn't smell like urine.

If you're loping around Hollywood and aching for a great cheeseburger, hit Fred62. Hell, email me and I'll go with you (unless I'm scraping the couch cushions for gas money that week).

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