Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Importance of Good Headshots - Part Two

When I left off, I was called in as a fat girl but I looked bulemic. I had to have new headshots.

I had a friend who was trying to get someone to shoot some free headshots for me in exchange for referrals, but that never got off the ground. I put in a call to an acquaintance who, my other friend told me, might be willing to let me pay for the headshots in installments. I never got a return call. My friend then got me connected up with Denice Duff. She's an amazing person, an excellent actress, and my favorite photographer. I helped Denice and my friend out with some things voluntarily, so she offered to help me out by shooting some black & white headshots for me for way below her normal price. She said she'd do hair & makeup, and she'd do wardrobe advising. She knew what worked in headshots because she was a successful commercial actress for years, and she booked a soap opera as a contract player and had a string of horror movies behind her. She got jobs as an actress, and she shot her own photos.

I was a little nervous because I had two turd headshots I couldn't use, and this was costing me a bit more. She was awesome. I had a bunch of photos I could use as a headshot, and I wound up enlarging six photos. I turned one into my regular headshot, then I turned two of them into postcards. I was so pleased with her work that I referred her to everyone. I know of at least three people who went to see her because of me. I also started getting lots of calls off those headshots.

In the last year or two, black & white headshots have gone the way of the dinosaur for commercials. The industry standard for commercial headshots is color. I have red hair, so I was told by one agency that I should have color photos to show off my hair. So it seemed that I needed color no matter what. I contacted Denice and I think she did two rolls for about $350. Most of the photos were usable as headshots. I had one turned into lithos that I used for a while, then I changed to another one at my now-retired agent's advice. I have three others to get turned into lithos (I have one for young mom theatrical, and I need to print sexy commercial, fun & young commercial and fun & young theatrical), and I need to get another photo turned into business cards. I have four other photos on one of my casting websites, so that's a total of ten photos from that one shoot that I will use or have used. I get called out pretty regularly off the photos I've got out there now.

I went from one turd and no auditions to another turd and a fat girl audition to a great black & white and lots of auditions to great color photos and a few booked jobs. That's why it's important to have good headshots. Check Denice out at

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