Friday, March 10, 2006


My first college dance class I LOVED! The teacher, Derri Ohm, was fantastic. It was a small class. We learned a new 32-count of jazz dance every week. I was a good student, she was a good teacher.

My second college dance class I tolerated. Miss Schoenfeld was determined to have me "be tall" as I learned ballet. I was a bad student but she was a great teacher. I missed a number of classes because I wasn't done eating my Chinese buffet from Emerald Dragon in time to make class. I could've gotten a lot more out of it if I had =groan= applied myself.

My third dance class is where I think I really pissed off Karma. This was theatre dance, which I should've been totally into since I was a theatre major. Nope. Hated it. Hated the teacher (don't remember why). I skipped to have buffet at Emerald Dragon as much as I could without lowering my grade. I stood in the back of the class, snickered and nattered about the teacher, doing my best to be Queen of the Buttplugs. My choreographed final was a half-assed grabass in a big dance I learned for a show. I'm surprised she didn't ask me (and the other buttplugs) to please drop the class as a favor to her.

Karma's getting revenge on me now. I'm in a dance class with a great teacher. She teaches the combinations a little too fast for me, but I'm the dumbass who enrolled in the 3 hour/1 night a week class and not the 1 hour/3 days a week class. I wind up in the back of the class because I'm not early/fast enough to get a spot closer to the teacher and mirror. When we do exercises and combinations, I can't see the teacher very well. And I'm now behind people who behaved like I did in theatre dance. I can't very well follow their movements because they -- like a younger me -- weren't paying attention (and I can't see). I'm dancing with the buttplugs (or at least trying).

I guess now's the time I'm supposed to do something to appease Karma like Jason Lee's character on "My Name is Earl."


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