Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Life in the 'Hood

Okay, so I don't really live in the 'hood. I live between Koreatown and USC. But last night someone was shot on the street right around the corner from my house. Yes, I'm serious, and yes, it was right around the corner (same block).

We got home from my shoot last night and there was a parking meanie at the end of our street who said there was police activity so we'd have to park on the street and walk to our house. Usually "police activity" seems to mean car chase. We noticed crime scene tape at the party house across the street and a couple officers were parked in front of the party house. Andrew walked over and asked what happened. They told us a guy was shot on the street, walked to the neighbor's house, walked inside the gate and collapsed. They were keeping the area secure for investigation. (They were really nice guys, very respectful, and they made me feel safe. Go LAPD!)

Wow. That made me a little more eager to move. The only problem with fleeing from the area to avoid crime is that (surprise surprise) there's crime everywhere. We've been in this house for two and a half years and this is the first shooting we've had nearby. Most of the people who live nearby have jobs and families and too much other crap to worry about instead of shooting each other. But there are gunpoint robberies in Beverly Hills and hit and run fatalities in the Valley. With this many people in such a small area, there's going to be a high incidence of anything. Besides, back in Arkansas we lived nextdoor to someone who shot her husband in the stomach because she thought he had a roving eye (she shot him after we moved).

So how do we deal with a shooting on our street? Feed and poop the dogs, put on some pajamas, let the officers use our bathroom even though there's a heap of clean laundry on the only chair in the house and we're potty training a puppy and have another dog who's big and barky. Andrew rescued the car right before bed (and the officers returned the favor of our restroom by ordering the argumentative parking bitty to let him pull our car in). Then we curled up to sleep.

I forgot that it happened for most of the day.

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