Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Third SAG Voucher: Part One

I have to do this in pieces since I had such an eventful day.

I earned my last SAG voucher necessary to join the union yesterday. Now all I need is $1500 for the initiation fee.

When I've heard people talk about SAG vouchers, it seemed like they were really hard to get. I haven't had the same difficulty. It started with the decision last year that it wouldn't be hard to join SAG. I got my first two vouchers on the XM Radio commercial, and the last one was for a film called Honeymoon With Mom.

I talked to one of the non-union extras yesterday who asked me how I got the SAG background role as a bridesmaid. He asked me if I had a calling service or if I knew someone. Here's what I did: I went onto one of my casting notice sites (available by subscription) and noticed they were looking for union and non-union extras for this film. I don't usually do extra work, but it was shooting on a Saturday originally and I thought it might be nice to earn some moolah over the weekend. I fit the casting for wedding guests, choir members and bridesmaids. I figured they would need less bridesmaids so maybe I could get a voucher if they called me for that, so I submitted myself as a bridesmaid. I got the call a few days later that they wanted me. Then the shoot was postponed because of rain to Tuesday, so I made sure I was available. (As a side note, my boss is the coolest guy.) The costumer called me before casting did so she could get my sizes, then casting called and offered me my last voucher. Hooray!

It wasn't hard. I just set my mind to it and used my high IQ to figure out the best probability for achieving my goal. The choir members didn't get vouchers and most of the non-union wedding guests didn't get vouchers, so it looks like I made the best choice in my submission.

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