Saturday, March 18, 2006

My Third SAG Voucher: Part Three

I knew nothing about this film when I submitted for the role. I learned on set that it's called Honeymoon With Mom, it's a movie for Lifetime, and it airs on Mother's Day. It's about a girl who gets left at the altar and winds up going on her honeymoon trip with her mother. Very cute idea.

I had no idea who was in the film until I was sitting in the makeup chair and Shelley Long walks in to take my seat. I didn't recognize her right off the bat (she had no makeup on, and I was only familiar with the made-up Shelley from TV), but they called her Shelley and kicked me out of the chair. Wow. Diane from "Cheers." I loved that show. She's a very nice person.

I wouldn't mind doing more work like this (featured extra, I guess), but I wouldn't want to just do work like this. It's not bad, but I ran into some people who did extra work for a living and that's not the route for me. But I recommend anyone who has an interest in the big screen (or small screen) to try out a day as an extra and see what it's really like to be on set.

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