Friday, March 17, 2006

My Third SAG Voucher: Part Two

I learned a very valuable lesson Tuesday -- to go with my gut.

There were three of us on the list to be bridesmaids: me, Amanda and Wendy. Amanda and I were there at the same time. We signed in and went back to wardrobe. When they asked who wanted to change first, I volunteered. (I wanted to avoid all the polite hemming and hawing.) I put on the dress, met the director, then he lined me up with the other two bridesmaids to give approval. He said we were all very cute. I was in the dress until almost 8 PM last night.

I went into makeup because on of the makeup artists wanted to put some curl in my hair. I sat down, and when he was halfway through I had to give my seat (and hairdresser) over to Shelley Long. No worries. I shuffled into the hall while Amanda and Wendy had their makeup done and waited. I realized I didn't get my official voucher from the 2nd assistant director yet (and I wanted to have all my ducks in a row and all my paperwork in hand), so I marched over and picked it up and filled it out. Didn't want to lose out on the voucher I showed up to get.

When I returned to makeup, Amanda and Wendy were gone. I went in and got my hair finished and makeup touched up. I saw Wendy and another girl (Nikki) in matching blue dresses outside the door to the makeup area. What happened to Amanda? I heard that some girl was crying because she wasn't going to be a bridesmaid.

That was Amanda. At least they still gave her the SAG voucher. Someone saw Nikki, said she was "exquisite," and turned her into a bridesmaid. It happened really fast. Amanda worked as a wedding guest and still got the perks. What if it had been me? I wouldn't have cried. I would've yelled like a rowdy homeless person. Would I have still gotten the voucher?

If I hadn't followed my gut and gotten dressed when I did, hit the table for the voucher when I did, hit makeup when I did, I might've missed out on getting my SAG eligibility that day.

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