Sunday, March 26, 2006

Pilates With a Puppy

I hurt my shoulder in pole class a couple weeks ago. I did a massage, I did some arnica montana salve, I did ice packs and hot packs. I still couldn't use my pole yesterday because I was sore. It was better, but still sore. So I decided to pull out my pilates mat and do a little pilates to gently work the muscles.

Holly used to love pilates time. I'd roll my mat out on the floor and lay down. She'd curl up just below my butt, then she'd stand over my face and generally get in the way. It's no different with Felicity.

I was sitting with my feet on the floor and my knees up, ready to follow along with Mari Winsor's dvd, when I noticed a curious little warm body just below my butt. I laid down and tried to follow the dvd without disturbing Felicity, but she awoke and stood on my stomach. She then proceeded to stand on my chest and lick my entire face and neck while I laughed. When she was finished, I tried to return to Mari's workout. That's when she decided to take a nap between my legs. Nice to know some things haven't changed.

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