Thursday, April 20, 2006

Life in Hell

I haven't been able to blog for most of the week because I'm preparing to fly to Hot Springs for my mom's wedding. I've spent most of my time at work or in pole class or trying to tie up loose ends for my trip.

Just to make things more fun, my work computer crashed yesterday. My boss (politely) suggested that I may be visiting websites that have viruses, so I'm only allowed to visit our online intranet, the bank, a credit card running site, and Switchboard. Not sure how we're going to resolve my work email.

I've resolved to leave up the factory wallpaper on the computer and stop uploading pictures of my puppy from a flash memory card. In fact, I have nothing on my desk (not even a photo) that makes it more comfortable and signifies it's my desk.

Perhaps sterility will prevent the computer from crashing a third time in eight months. There's no possible way that anything could be wrong with the HARDWARE. Hardware is infallible.

Yes, I'm bitter.

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