Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mom's Wedding - Excuse #1

I've been a little out of pocket for the last couple weeks. I've been absent on the blog front because this was a busy month for me. I had the crashing computer (already blogged), Mom's wedding, and a dental convention.

My mom and dad were not right for each other. I'm glad they got married and had kids and all, but they weren't a good match. Mom was hopelessly devoted, Dad was hopelessly distracted. I don't see how they could ever meet in the middle, even with tons of counseling.

So Mom met a really nice man at work and they seem to have mutual goals. They dated for 1.5 years and got married on April 22nd. I would post pictures, but I don't have any. I was busy manning the food table so I didn't have my celly to hand for pix. Mom looked great. Ed was anxious and pacing. Kae (small sister) and I looked like Mexican hookers. Charlotte (big sister) shot the wedding video and tried to orchestrate the reception so there'd be shots of the cake feeding and "champagne" drinking. Bryce (baby brother) and friends decorated the car with cans, then they had me tiptoe across the hood and trunk to write on the windows since I have better handwriting. At least they didn't get someone writing "sexual choclate" [sic] on the side of their car with shaving cream in the August sun. (It ate off the paint on our car so for a few years we drove around with "sexual choclate" on the side of the Mustang as we scraped our way through college.)

Big fun, busy trip.

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