Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Pole Class I Pay For

As you seven readers may know, I'm taking two pole dancing classes. There's the one class three nights a week for the infomercial. Then there's the other class taught by the same instructor but not associated with Flirty Girls. That class falls on Sunday nights, and I pay for it.

When I enrolled in Aphrodite Strip-N-Pole School of Hypnotics, it was just for an intro class and it was just because I enjoyed the teacher (who also teaches the Flirty Girls stuff locally for the infomercial). Gabrielle's class was totally different from the infomercial class. Flirty Girls is more about fitness and weight loss and it's higher impact. Gabrielle's class is slower, more hypnotic, and sexier.

After the intro class, I wanted to do more. I hopped in the car and showed Andrew what I learned, and he agreed that I could buy a six-week round of classes. The only drawback is that it only meets once a week. What's cool is that it's easy for anyone to do, and she gives you practical things you can use in your own setting (not just a routine to go with one specific song). She's very nurturing and validating, and she's very gentle in correcting mistakes.

We have to "dress up" for this class (not just wearing yoga pants & tank tops), like putting on clothing that makes us feel sexier and the 5"-6" platform shoes when it's time to dance. It's not a naked class, so don't get the wrong idea.) I have to go shoe shopping and I'll have to dig around my closet and see what looks sexy but will keep me warm enough that I don't suffer hypothermia. But it should be fun.

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