Thursday, April 06, 2006

Pooping in the Gift Horse's Mouth

My boss is really the nicest guy. Sure, I may complain about the money I make from time to time, but I'm also the one who doesn't put in more than 35 hours a week and doesn't want more responsibility so I can pursue the acting thing. He's let me off at the last minute for a big audition or a day on set. He bought me a zombie DVD just for fun, and he gave me frequent flyer miles to fly back for my mom's wedding later this month. He even took me and Andrew to the movies with full snacks to watch Dawn of the Dead last year during a work day.

This morning I come in and he bought some tools for me to have in the office. (I spent yesterday assembling Ikea furniture with dollar store screwdrivers, so he wanted me to have something nicer when I need it.) I was really excited about that. Then he said he stopped by a bookstore and picked me up something. He pulled out The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks. How great that he thought of me! But I already have (and read) the book. Did I politely lie and say, "Oh, thanks! I look forward to reading it."? NO! I told the truth. I thanked him for thinking of me but I already have the book.

Was that a bad idea?

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