Saturday, April 01, 2006


I'm embarrassed that I didn't share this sooner (not that I got turned down).

I had an interview with a new commercial agent about six weeks ago. They liked me, but they have an entire protocol for taking on new talent. I went in for the interview and it was like a meet-and-greet: introductions, handshake, one interesting sentence about myself, attempt at joke, failure, then into the standard business spiel. The way this agency works, they take everyone unless they have someone too much like you because they don't want to try to promote two of the same kind. They won't just tell you to kiss off if they don't like your winning personality.

They told me that I had until Friday of the next week to meet with other agents and decide if I wanted to be with them. I was given an instruction sheet and an email address to send the words "I will accept representation if offered." I had to give them the date of my interview and my name in the subject line. No more communication than that. At that point, all of the agents in the agency meet and review their client files to see if they have someone too much like me. They have something like a board meeting about it. This takes at least a week because it's pilot season and they're busy promoting the clients they already have. So we're two weeks past the interview date. Then they send an email that tells their decision. Mine came about three weeks after the interview date. So that's three weeks with no agent but you're supposed to commit yourself to them exclusively before they get back to you.

Oh, and they emailed me a form letter about how I was too much like someone else they represented.

Here's the truth: I didn't really commit myself to them exclusively even though I said I did. Good thing. I kept looking for a new agent, kept promoting myself, kept networking. Why should the commitment be one-sided. And during the waiting period I got work. Maybe if they had been committed to me as much as I was supposed to be committed to them (even if temporary), then they would've gotten 10% of my earnings. Too bad for them!

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