Saturday, April 08, 2006

Shelley Long, Thank You

Today I am thankful to Diane from "Cheers" for making the made for TV movie "Honeymoon With Mom." If it weren't for her agreeing to make the movie, I might not have gotten the Taft Hartley, the day of work, and tri tip for lunch that day. And I wouldn't have gotten a check in the mail this Thursday.

I don't quite understand why it took so long to get paid. I know you won't get paid until at least a week later. I think the rule is 15 days after the last day of shooting for a film and thirty days after the shoot day for a commercial. I don't know for sure. I'm sure SAG has the rules listed; I just haven't shelled out the money to join and get the straight poop. I guess I'll remain in mystery until then.

I guess part of the reason actors are broke all the time is that they're waiting for checks for things they've done. It was a month before I got paid for the first day of the XM Radio gig, then another week before the second check arrived. This was a three or four week wait. Not that I'm complaining about the work. I just think that a lot of actors mismanage their money (like me) and aren't quite sure when that next paycheck will arrive (even when they have worked recently).

Speaking of mismanaging my money, I'm going to the Renaissance Faire tomorrow. (I don't know if it's officially called the Southern California Renaissance Faire or the Los Angeles Renaissance Faire or the San Fernando Valley Renaissance Faire or what.)

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