Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Stripper Shoes

Okay, so I had to get these shoes for my class. Gabrielle said we needed 5"-6" platform heels. That was almost unconfrontable because I usually wear tennis shoes or dress shoes with maybe 1-1/2" heels. Yikes!

I was a little scared to go shopping for these shoes. We used to live just up the street from Stripper Shopping Central on Hollywood & Wilcox in Hollywood. There are tons of little shops with plastic stripper shoes and slutty nurse outfits and triangles of fabric they tout as "bikinis." We went into one shoe store a few years ago looking for something fairly conservative to go with my New Year's outfit and left feeling icky. Considering the kind of people we saw on Hollywood Boulevard and the kind of people we imaginged would work as strippers (based on the hundreds of "Gentlemen's Club with free lunch buffet" signs around town), we figured it might feel sleazy shopping for these shoes.

Boy, were we wrong! We went to Lady Studio on Hollywood and searched for the right shoes. We weren't molested by anyone. I found a pair to try on, and once I had them on the sales girl came and talked to me about sizes. In street shoes I wear a 6.5, but she recommended a 5 for my stripper shoes. We talked about how the shoe would stretch and how it still had to fit my foot. (You don't really need room to grow in plastic stripper shoes, and this style has my toes sticking out the front so I didn't need to worry about wiggle room.) She said the shoes I had were the ones they recommended for most classes, and she gave me a discount since I was a student.

It was a sleaze-free experience. Some shoe salesmen (for regular shoes) are a little creepy, but she was great. We even talked about the different prices for the different teachers and the best flooring to learn to walk in the shoes. I paid $40, and I found my new official stripper shoe store.

Now if I can just learn to walk in the damn things.

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