Monday, May 08, 2006

Andrew Moore: All-Around Good Guy

Andrew Moore is really the nicest guy. He lets people in front of him in traffic, says "please" and "thank you," puts his napkin in his lap and opens doors for people. Friday was a lesson in how nice Andrew Moore is.

Andrew had an audition for a paid puppetry gig. He rescheduled from a day when he and the filmmaker didn't catch each other. They met in a Starbucks, and the audition consisted of discussing the project.

So the filmmaker tells him how the puppet will require someone to operate the puppet, someone to do the hands (like the Swedish Chef), and someone to do the animatronic face. Cool, huh? So Andrew Moore (all-around good guy) says how cool that sounds and how fun it would be. He also talks up our puppet builder for The Felties, this really nice guy who Andrew said is great to have around to do maintenance on puppets. (Dude studied puppet building in school.) Oh, he details, this guy is great and neat and swell (and he really is) and the filmmaker should really have him around because, wow, what a guy! Then Andrew Moore asks how many people he's planning on hiring for the project. Well, says the filmmaker, the guy who built this puppet is flying in from Europe to do the animatronics, and there's only one other paid puppeteer position.

Andrew Moore comes home and tells how he probably talked himself out of a job. I've heard about the same kind of thing happening to other people, like a guy who went out for the lead old guy role in the Police Academy films. Personally, I'd want to work with the guy who talked up his friends. Of course, I do the same kind of thing but I usually know what they're looking for so I don't volunteer a friend for my potential gig. I pimp my friends for other roles in the same thing. But he didn't know what the guy's plan was until after he touted his buddy.

What a nice guy!

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