Sunday, May 28, 2006

Baby Teeth!

I know. I'm a little puppy obsessed. Since the phone ain't ringin' with big jobs, I gotta blog about somethin'.

Felicity ("The Doodlebug") has been losing puppy teeth and getting in her adult teeth. I've documented the arrival of some new teeth as I've noticed them. This is the first time I got to observe the puppy tooth coming out.

She was playing with a Pound Puppy poodle I got for her on Friday night. I'll refer to this toy as The Poodlebug. She was gnawing on it and dropped it on the floor. I noticed there was some blood on it, so I thought she was getting a new tooth. We opened her mouth and there it was -- the loose tooth about to come out. Her mouth was a little bloody. I didn't want to force the tooth out (pulling it), so we opened her mouth a few times to get a good look. Then Andrew opened her mouth and she had the baby tooth on her tongue. I grabbed it and was about to give it to her to recycle (since that's what dogs do) but he told me to save it. So I now have a puppy tooth stored in a little box in my house.

She was fine after she lost the tooth. You can see the little naked red spot where the puppy tooth was. This happened Friday night, and I think the adult tooth was arriving Saturday.

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