Thursday, May 04, 2006

California Dental Association Convention - Excuse #2

I make my money working for a consulting company that works with doctors and dentists to improve their businesses and their personal lives. I do a lot of office stuff, but I also get bonuses when they attend seminars I produce and sign up for our paid services. Good job, flexible, I get to help people using L. Ron Hubbard's technology (which I know pretty well).

I don't get my hourly wage when I go to CDA, but as Junior Partner in the company I want to make sure we make money. That's a big reason for my attendance. I sit at the booth (with Andrew for the past two years) and smile at people and answer questions. This year I was hit on by an old man from another vendor's booth and asked about employment opportunities by a financial advisor. And I wore a skirt and 3" heels. (I usually wear pants and loafers.)

Another great reason to go is the Crest and Colgate presentations. You stand in line for about 20 minutes for each one, watch a cheesy presentation, then walk out with goodies. This year Colgate gave me a nice canvas bag with a full-size tube of Colgate Total and the 360 toothbrush (my favorite manual toothbrush). Crest gave out Oral-B soft toothbrushes, alcohol-free mouthwash, and some random toothpaste. Since Andrew goes to the presentations with me, he gets the same stuff. I know the presentations are intended for the doctors and staff, but they haven't kicked me out yet.

You can also see celebrities there. If you buy so many boxes of rubber gloves, you can get a free baseball, bat, basketball or football (depending on who is there) that's autographed right in front of you. This year Reggie Jackson was there. We didn't buy gloves, but Andrew shot his pic with my camera phone. He's the wearing the orange blob in the photo.

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