Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dry Spell

I haven't had an audition since the day before I left for my mom's wedding. I didn't do a ton of submissions right before I left since I had a lot of preparation to do, and I haven't done a lot of submissions since I returned. My life has been so packed with other random activities. I just started doing heavy catch-up with my submissions this weekend. My Shelley Long movie is showing on Lifetime tonight, but I can't get another job. Ugh.

I was talking with this girl Tracy from my infomercial pole class and she said she's had a dry spell as well for about the same amount of time. She said she never gets auditions when she's in really good physical shape. I've got these long, lean muscles that are going to waste. Maybe she's onto something. Or maybe she just hasn't done her submissions either.

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