Saturday, May 06, 2006

Girly Dog

(As crazy as it may seem to about two or three of my dedicated eight readers, I believe in past lives. I know Holly is back on my couch with a new body and the name of one of my favorite TV shows of all time. I had a moment of missing the old Holly this morning complete with tears. These moments come and go, never predictable, so I decided I'd give an update on the new version of Holly for all eight of you.)

So this is Felicity. Also known as The Doodlebug. Don't ask why I chose that as the nickname. It just fits.

She's been driving around this body for four months. Her spots are the same color as my hair. She has that one blue eye that we've labeled the crazy eye. (When Andrew and I draw pictures of her, we're sure the crazy eye is facing the viewer.) Yes, she's a dalmatian. She holds her ears straight up most of the time. When she's tired they droop a little, when she's happy she folds them down to the side of her head, and when she's running she tucks them behind her head. She hasn't gotten any puppy uglies yet -- everything is in proportion as she continues to grow.

Felicity is a really girly dog. I don't wear pink (except underwear), but this dog demands pink. Look at her. Could you imagine her wearing any other color collar? She even has the little pink heart nametag. I'm going to get her one of those ridiculous pink and orange hoodies from the Gap. Piper's not a girly dog. She's more like a bachelor's dog who would be just as happy lounging in garbage as she would curling up on the couch for a ballgame. But my dog looks frou-frou.

Her behavior, on the other hand, is not girly. She poops everywhere. Seriously. She eats cat turds she finds in the yard and drags in sticks to devour (and later poop out kindling). She walks on our faces to wake us up in the morning. She knocked over one of Andrew's beers while I was out of town and drank it as it showered her in its amber richness. She eats cardboard, receipts, tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, and gas bills. Last night she tried to eat a twenty dollar bill off the coffee table. Hell, she licked the drywall patch in the kitchen and cleaned the crevices in the bathroom with her tongue. Grody!

But she sure is cute.

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