Monday, May 22, 2006

Good Times (or Another Reason I Love Andrew Moore)

The place where we're doing classes for the infomercial three times a week and I'm doing the other pole class held a sort of open house yesterday. I love this studio and I adore my teacher, so I went to support both and help out as necessary. I brought Andrew along to help out and check out the facilities.

We got there as they were doing dance demonstrations and they pulled people from the audience to get up and dance with the instructors and other "volunteers." These are photos of Andrew doing a bang-up job of Greek dancing, a class they're going to offer late in the summer. I got pulled up for the belly dancing but Andrew doesn't have a camera phone so he didn't get to take photos of me.

Anyway, their annual "Body Shake" was a great way to generate more interest in their classes. Perfect place for actors to study. I love this place because it's so clean and friendly. I think Andrew may be interested in taking a class, and I'm sure I'll sign up for something when I wrap up this Flirty Girls infomercial. We even got free goodie bags!

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