Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Great Eats

I love Clearman's. Every time we drive down to Orange County, we try to hit Clearman's North Woods Inn in La Mirada on the way home. They have lumberjack food in lumberjack-sized portions. Right after the dental convention, Andrew and I stopped there for a bite.

My favorite thing is their soup. It tastes like the hamburger soup my dad used to make when I was growing up. They give you a huge soup tureen and a salad for about $9. The first few times I got the soup I had enough leftovers for two more meals. This time Andrew and I split the soup and got an extra salad. They have green salad with bleu cheese dressing and red cabbage salad with vinaigrette (surprisingly good). We also got some of their famous cheese bread with the meal. Wow! We were so full from these things that we didn't even get around to the potato skins we ordered. This is a picture of me with our bounty.

Speaking of lumberjack portions, we had enough left for lunch the next day for both of us.

The North Woods Inn feels like you're eating in a really big log cabin or Josie's house in "Twin Peaks." They have animal heads on the walls and rococo paintings of naked women. The tables are lit with these stained glass pendants like the ones they used to have at Pizza Hut in the early 80s. When you arrive, you have a bowl full of peanuts waiting at your table for you to munch on (and be sure to throw your shells on the floor).

It's a really charming place. I highly recommend it.

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