Saturday, May 20, 2006

New Version of Me - New Diet Day Four

Okay, yesterday was Day Four, but I haven't gotten around to sharing until today. Today I weigh the same as yesterday. Hell, five pounds since Tuesday isn't bad. I'm not complaining.

So I made it through the rough part of the diet -- the first three or four days are supposed to be the most difficult. I went to the movies on Day Four with a bottle of water, four saltines and a baggie full of apple slices. Yes, I love popcorn. Yes, I missed eating the popcorn. (In fact, I shovel down popcorn like I'm at a popcorn-eating contest and I'm neck in neck with a really fat guy with a stomach the size of my car.) But I survived. I didn't find myself yearning for it or obsessively forcing myself not to buy and eat it. That was nice. I enjoyed my little picnic.

I almost cheated today without realizing it. I was at the spa getting my waxing done, and they had these beautiful lemon cookies at the reception desk. (They always have treats there.) My appointment was in four minutes so I decided to wait on the cookie until I was done. Didn't even think about the diet. Forty-five minutes and two varieties of wax later, I stopped at the counter to pay. I almost grabbed a cookie and started eating it. That's when it hit me. I'm on a diet! Cookies aren't allowed until later. Bummer. I know they'll have cookies next time, so I'll have one (or two) then.

I'm enjoying the food I'm eating, and my wallet is a lot fatter than it would be if I weren't on the diet. I do miss having sauces for my meat (especially veal) and I miss potatoes. At least I don't have to give up those things for the rest of my life -- just until I get down to 105 lbs.

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