Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New Version of Me - New Diet Day One

I've eaten a few sandwiches since college. The weight didn't start sticking until I lived in St. Louis and was pretty far from acting. I moved to L.A., cut all sugar, corn syrup, pasta and bread from my diet. That's when I got down to 93 lbs. and my boobs started to shrink. So I started eating again. When you're skinnier, you can play younger on film & TV. I thought I might lose some weight working on this infomercial, but it's a calorie-counting diet and those usually have more food than I normally eat in a day. I've gotten long, lean muscles and my waist is more defined, but I haven't lost any weight.

So I decided to try a new diet. I've heard of blood-type diets before, but those would prevent me from having beef and I ain't gonna give up cheeseburgers for good. This gal I work with did this diet and lost twenty pounds, and now she eats Oreo cheesecake and has caramel macchiatos but hasn't gained a lick of the weight back. With this diet, you go to a lab and they take a blood sample for a whole metabolic evaluation. Then the results are sent to a doctor in South Africa who has worked with thousands of people on this. He sends you your ideal weight (based on shoe size and height) and a diet plan. You get different choices of food, and the key is that you have to weigh it before you cook it to the gram. I tell you, it's a lot cheaper than getting take-out all the time.

Yesterday was my first day. I had plain yogurt and apples for breakfast (because I found out after I went to the store that I couldn't have strawberries), chicken and veggies for lunch and dinner. They say in the diet instructions that the first three or four days are the toughest, and I agree. Last night I was ready to nosedive into the handful of Twix singles I have in my refrigerator. But I resisted. I know that once I get five pounds from my ideal weight (100 lbs.), I can email them and they'll send me what they call a re-feeding program. It's a way to introduce the crap foods that are so tasty (and other foods not on the diet like cheeseburgers and strawberries) without throwing the system into shock and adding the weight back. It alters your hormones so the food doesn't automatically become fat in the body. It's also a way to lose fat and gain muscle WITHOUT working out. I'm not going to stop my current plan of action, so I would think the weight loss and muscle gain would be even faster since I work out four times a week.

Anyway, I had few moments of weakness yesterday. I'm doing better today. Yogurt and apricots for breakfast tasted a lot better than yogurt and apples. I met a guy who lost 43 lbs. on this diet, so I hope I can lose what I need to pretty fast. I'll post updates of my progress.

Here's to being skinny as a rail without the pirate's treasure (sunken chest)!

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