Friday, May 19, 2006

New Version of Me - New Diet Days Two & Three

The first three or four days are supposed to be the toughest. Days Two and Three were fine.

Day Two I had veal for dinner. I haven't had any major and horrible body reactions to the diet. I pee more, and I have gas in the morning before lunch. I don't know if that's from all the cauliflower and zucchini I'm eating or if it's just some crazy body reaction. I did get dizzy at one point, but that only lasted about ten seconds. I really enjoyed a Hansen's diet soda for the first time (because it was cold). And I got my own scale for the house. All in all, not a terrible day.

Day Three was about as exciting. I discovered that if I cut up my lunch chicken and added the allowed 1 teaspoon of Miracle Whip and some dry mustard, it makes a really tasty lunch. I wasn't hungry all day. And I weighed myself. Oh my God!

Let me explain on the weighing part. Since I didn't have a scale at home until Wednesday night, I weighed myself at pole class on Tuesday night (the day I started the diet). I weighed 119 lbs. (and now the secret is out). When I weighed myself yesterday morning at home, I weighed 113 lbs. So that seems like five pounds of weight loss, right? I weighed myself at home last night right before class and I came in at 115. As soon as I got to class, I weighed myself again (to compare my scale to that scale) and was 115. Now, it makes sense that the body weighs a couple pounds more in the evening than in the morning -- more food has been taken in, there's greater blood volume from working the muscles. So if we take 2 lbs. off my Tuesday night weight just to be fair and compensate for the 2 lbs. that would be gained during the day, then I started the diet at 117. That means I lost 4 lbs. in two days. DAMN! I haven't worked out any more than usual, and I'm not starving. I GAINED 4 lbs. during the course of my infomercial program.

Of course, I can't go out to eat. That's taken some getting used to. Andrew and I are both taking the day off work, and I was thinking about all the places we could go to eat then I'd squash them since I have to follow the diet until I reach my goal. Guess I'll hit Urth Caffe after I finish the diet, where I will devour a very black-looking chocolate cookie with white chocolate chunks.

I began today, Day Four, waivering between 111 and 112 lbs. To be really fair, I'll call it 112. That's 5 lbs. since Tuesday. W00+!

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