Sunday, May 14, 2006

Puppy Love

Yes, I know I keep posting about this dog. I can't help it. She's irresistable.

Felicity is my third puppy. I knew that puppies lost their teeth, swallowed them, then grew adult teeth. I never saw the "change" part of the process; I saw the baby teeth then all of a sudden they had adult teeth. I'm really working to enjoy puppyhood with Felicity, so I made an effort to observe the entire process.

Felicity was gnawing on Andrew's hand when I decided to peel back her gums and look for missing teeth. I found one when we snapped the picture with this phone. I found another last night. The new tooth is coming in behind the three white bumps (front teeth) and before the tiny fang. It was below the gumline but visible on Friday, and now it's grown in so it's barely above the gumline. Very cute stuff.

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