Thursday, May 25, 2006

Stop and Taste the Flowers

I was reading this amazing book by this amazing veterinarian last summer. At that time, I was taking Holly to Dr. Pepi to examine her breast lumps and handle a severe ear infection. My boss recommended I read this book since the doctor has helped handle cancer in animals. I never realized how much information I could get from the book.

One of the natural remedies he recommends (for any kind of injury, life change, stress, etc.) is Bach Flower Remedies. He's used it on himself to good result. There are 38 different flower essences, each applicable to an emotional state. There's also one called Rescue Remedy, a blend of a few different essences designed for any random stressful situation. I took some Rescue Remedy after an assault last summer, and it made the whole thing easier to deal with. I used Rescue Remedy and gave some to Andrew and Piper when Holly passed, and we gave it to Piper and Felicity when Felicity came home with us to ease the transition. I think it helped.

It doesn't solve all of your problems and it doesn't make injuries disappear, but it eases things emotionally so those things are easier to tackle. Felicity took a nasty spill off our front steps last Friday. She hurt her elbow and skinned her chin. When she was first injured she yipped and howled for some time. I put ice on it and "discussed" the injury with her, but she wound up clinging to me the rest of Friday and most of Saturday. It was like I was the only thing that would comfort her. It was sweet, but I had things to do. I picked up some Star of Bethlehem (good for grief and trauma) and gave her two doses at night and one in the morning. By Sunday afternoon, she was running through the house (with the hurt elbow) and barking and playing. I've seen this stuff really work. Great for actors, computer gurus, parents, anyone on this planet. And you can't really overdose.

Both Piper and Felicity are a little jealous of each other, and that leads to a little too much aggression on both parts. I looked up the essence they need. It looks like I'll be giving them the essence of Holly. Funny, isn't it?

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