Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

One of our clients gave us tickets to a baseball game. It was last Tuesday. (I'm so crunched for time that I've only gotten around to blogging about it now.) I love baseball, but it was a game of the Anaheim Angels vs. the Oakland Athletics. As a Los Angeleno, I'm a little bitter that the team's owner changed their name from Anaheim Angels to Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in a lame-ass attempt to pass them off as an L.A. team, like they're the other L.A. team. I liked them fine before that. Here's the problem: they're not even in Los Angeles county. They're in Orange County with all of that Disney money. I want to tell the owner not to piss in my glass and tell me it's lemonade.

But anyway, I went to the ballgame with this attitude, wearing my Dodgers shirt. I was pleasantly surprised with how cordial the staff were, how clean the stadium was, how nice the seats were. I found myself admiring the Angels, the team I rooted against in the last World Series. (Andrew and I found ourselves on the couch watching every game, a first for us.) We had really great seats and Andrew liked the beers, although they didn't have Kosher hot dogs.

What really made the game for me -- other than my yelling through a popcorn container megaphone to bring back the rally monkey -- was the fight on the mound. It started between the Angels pitcher and the Athletics batter, but it cleared the benches. Both instigators were kicked out of the game. No one was really hurt. It was cool. This is the photo I took with my phone.

I gained an appreciation I never thought I could have for the Angels since that asshat changed their name.

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