Monday, May 29, 2006

Temporary Desperation

Okay, I've been without an agent since three days after my birthday, two days before my dog died, the day my father-in-law decided to divorce my mother-in-law, and eight days before my friend killed himself. This is starting to suck.

I had one interview and one reach from a commercial acting school that has an agency branch. I know, it was pilot season so everyone was tied up getting work for the people they already represented and who has time to meet with someone new? It's just a little frustrating.

Agents don't do everything for you. In fact, I didn't stop busting my ass when I had an agent. I just had someone legitimate that potential employers could call to schedule an audition with me. The last few auditions I got before he retired were from my own submissions. The last job I booked was from my own work. But I got a lot more phone calls when I had an agent.

Anyone wanna walk my picture into an agency?

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