Monday, May 01, 2006

Victim of Divorce

I know how it feels to be the child of a divorced family now. Even though my parents have been divorced twice (from each other), this was the first trip where I really got to experience the pull of two families.

I love my dad. He's one wacky MF, but he's still my dad. He wanted to spend a lot of time with me. (He hasn't seen me since November 2004, and that was a twenty minute visit.) We went out to dinner at my favorite pizza place, Rocky's Corner on Central Avenue in Hot Springs. (Incredible pizza, best I've ever had, Bill Clinton loved the place.) Then he wanted to take me somewhere else, and he just wanted to hang out at my sister's and visit the whole time I was there. We went through old albums and packed them into my suitcase. I let him check out my iPod. He wanted to spend more time and I felt really negligent on Saturday when I was doing other stuff all day.

The reason I flew into town was for my mom's wedding. My mom's great. She was a fantastic teacher and homemaker when I was a kid. I liked her cooking better than Dad's. Of course, Mom thought the mark of a slut was hoop earrings (which is why I tend to wear hoop earrings today). I had to spend some time with Mom and help her with wedding stuff. Saturday morning I hung out with Bryce, then we went to Mom's and then to the church. There was no Dad time available. Of course, I spent Friday night with Dad so there was no Mom time available then. Then Sunday morning we rushed into town to have breakfast with Mom and Ed since I didn't even get to greet them after the ceremony. I would've liked to spend more time with Mom, but I didn't have the time available.

My parents have been divorced this second time for about four years. I'm wondering if it ever gets any easier.

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