Thursday, June 22, 2006


That's right, folks. I'm down to 102 lbs.! As Garrick would say, w00+! (I hope I did that right.) I'm several days into my re-feeding program. Yesterday I had pineapple and blackberries, this morning I had strawberries. Today I get three pieces of bread (significantly better than being able to eat a limited number of crackers for the earlier part of the diet). I'm eating so much food that it's as if I added another complete meal to what I was eating on the diet. I look pretty healthy right now. I get popcorn Sunday night and cookies next week, then it's off the diet!

Obviously I'll have to get new headshots. I did my last two sets of pics with Denice Duff (who is awesome), but I'm going to someone new this time. I want to go to someone who doesn't see me the same way as she may have a couple years ago. This time I'm getting photos done by a fellow Flirty Girl, Chris Ann. With the longer hair and the leaner hips (and the missing moles), I may look completely different from how I've been marketing myself for the past couple years. I'll post my new pics here so you can follow the saga.

In addition, I had to get new clothes. I can still wear the old shirts I had, but the pants require belts pulled really tight just to hold the old pants up. Since my work pants are obscenely loose and the new ones aren't done being altered, I've been wearing jeans to work the past few days. Kae Ellen brought me some of her little pants last fall (since she had a baby and all), so I've been wearing those.

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