Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cookie Day!

Two days after today left on the diet. I've been gradually reintroducing foods so my body is used to them when the diet is over. Today I got my first cookie in six weeks, and I get a cookie a day for the next two days. Hooray!

I had a peanut butter chip cookie from the coffee shop right next door to my office. It was a little crunchy for my liking, but it was a cookie. I've missed cookies. I'd love to bake some cookies but that's not happening until the weather is cooler.

I got new headshots this morning to reflect the newer, skinnier, mole-less me with longer hippy hair. I pick up the CDs of the images this evening. What was really nice was weighing myself this morning after six weeks of dedication to my diet and weighing 101 pounds. (I know my weight's going to fluxuate a couple of pounds from day to day, but DAMN! This is cool!)

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