Sunday, June 25, 2006


I went to the callback and rocked in the first part. There were about fifteen girls that were called back today and who knows how many guys. There were six of us remaining, of which I was one. Then a couple girls drifted in late, so I think they were flowed straight into the second reading (which was like a second callback).

I got there a half-hour before the cold reading for my role was going to start so I could read over the sides. When I was done with my reading, the director asked me to hang out in the hall with all of the other girls. When he got through everyone, he came out and announced which guys and gals could go home. I wasn't on the list. I made a second callback! Problem was I had to wait until he got through all the guys who came in before he got to the third round for the girls. It wasn't the worst wait. I had Andrew there. Josh Green (from Torrid Affaire and Director's Cut) showed up while I was waiting, as did Tawny Mertes (from Kappa Lambda Lambda). I got to visit with each of them.

The director called in the reamining eight girls to the theatre about three and a half hours after I first arrived. He had us wait in the house while each girl got up to read with the other female lead. The idea was to make it go faster, not to intimidate people as they waited for their turn. I was second. I did my read, he gave me some direction, I did a little more then my turn was over. As I watched the third girl, I realized my casting is more along the lines of the other role, not the one I was auditioning for. I make a better warped girl next-door than a nice girl next-door. It was no surprise when I got cut. But Tawny got a third callback and Josh was about to do his second callback, so I may have one or two really great reasons to go see the show.

I learned two things from my experience today:

1. They liked me. They liked me enough to call me in out of who knows how many people, and they liked me enough to select me for the top six girls for the role. That's pretty damn good, especially with an open call. I know I wasn't totally right for the role. But they liked me. We may cross paths again, and I may be a better fit for the next project.

2. Make friends with the competition. I think I was up for the same role as Tawny in Kappa Lambda Lambda. We were both cast, but I think they were originally considering me for her role. I saw her at an audition for a music video in January, and she was also called in from her submission for this role. Chances are pretty good that we'll be at the same audition again in the future. She's a sweet girl and I'd love to work with her again. I invited her to Torrid Affaire but she couldn't make it, but she remembered that I invited her. This town is too small to get pissy with the competition. Hell, we have to help each other along if we want to succeed ourselves. And by making friends instead of enemies it makes these long auditions even more bearable.

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