Friday, June 09, 2006

Designer Dog

I saw a special on designer dogs on "CBS Sunday Morning" a couple weeks ago. They talked about the Golden Doodle, the Spidoodle, the Shitzpoodle, the Crap Noodle, and the Oodle Doodle Boodle. I guess the new thing is to breed a dog with a poodle, print up some fancy papers with a laser printer, slap a big pricetag and a cutesy name on the offspring and refer to yourself as a breeder of designer dogs.

My Doodlebug (Felicity) is not part poodle. She's supposed to be all dalmatian. Mom had black spots, Dad (who we never saw because he belonged to some random neighbor) had brown spots. Technically speaking, Felicity is a bastard who was totally abandoned by her birth father after he got his jollies. She has no papers since she was born "out of wedlock," so I figure I'll make my own papers for my personal designer dog.

She's the oddest dalmatian I've ever seen. We found out that she's what's called a lemon dalmatian. I'd call her a designer dog simply because her spots match my hair, so she was obviously specially designed for me. I don't get the ear thing. Who knows why the ears stand up. My guess is that she didn't like the ear infections from the regular dal ears last lifetime.

I'd say The Doodlebug is a far superior designer dog than these Joodles, Koodles, Foodles and Scrapsfloodles. How many of these designer dogs are as personalized a match for the owners? I think it takes a lot more than having a random dog hump a poodle to make a true designer dog.

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