Wednesday, June 07, 2006

End of the Infomercial - Part One

Sunday we "graduated" from the Flirty Girls program. We had a little recital at Soma so we could show off our skills to our friends and family (and so they could shoot B-roll footage for the infomercial). This is a shot Andrew got with my camera phone of me doing the Tinkerbell.

The production company totally transformed the dance studio into Flirty Girls Central with their symbols and dark red curtains. We all wore pink shirts and black bottoms. I decided to wear black hot pants for two reasons: 1) I could; and 2) I couldn't insist my gal pals wear shorts if I wasn't doing it myself.

Since there were so many of us and we only learned one chair routine and one pole routine, each song (and routine) was done four times so everyone got their chance. I was up first with some hot chicks from the night class doing the chair routine to "Whoa" by Mya. I decided to really ham it up because when I ham it up it seems that the other gals loosen up. I took it over the top. When we were supposed to smack our butts, I smacked the skin right below my shorts. I don't think I got too wild, but I may have been the most untamed one there. As you can see in this shot, my rump got some camera time. It was play time for me. I had a lot of fun doing this dance even though I would never buy the single for this song.

Later in the program, we had a former disco diva sing along with the CD of her new single "Celebrate." My gal pal from Flirty Girls and Aphrodite and I shook our tailfeathers together. She and I have had some wild times over the course of this program.

We later did our pole routine to "Dontcha" by the Pussycat Dolls? I'm sick to death of this song because we've been doing this routine since February. Ugh. But it was playtime again so I smacked my butt and swung around the pole. I think they got more booty footage of me. If you see the infomercial in a few months and it's mostly cheek, that's me.

We wrapped it up with more B-roll but we did the chair dance without any music since the songs are copywritten and I don't think they have permission to use the songs for the program. I was one of the lucky three to dance with Gabrielle and smack it all over again.

All in all, graduation was fun. It would've been nice to get gifts since I did graduate, and pole dancing class is kind of like a trade school. Oh well. I had lots of fun with my sisters in crime, and I met a lot of cool people doing this infomercial.

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