Thursday, June 08, 2006

End of the Infomercial - Part Two

I did my weigh and measure Monday along with my "after" photo shoot. Tuesday I did the testimonial.

I had a great hair and makeup artist who made me look incredible. They put me in a pretty blue top that made my eyes pop. (I found out later that they were making sure there was no cleavage in the testimonials. I guess that would be too sexy for marketing a POLE DANCING workout.) I tried to buy the top since the price tag said it was only $15 (on the advice of commercial guru Jim Meskimen), but they wouldn't sell it to me since they "needed" things. Whatever. I guess I can go to Nordstrom Rack and see if they have it there.

I told the truth in my testimonial and I was very chipper. I hope it doesn't come across as fake. The biggest thing I got out of the program (other than the ability to pole dance and justify it as exercise) was friendship with all these neat gals. We didn't really get to know each other until near the end of the program, but I made some good friends. I'll really miss the other gals. We're already planning outings together so we can stay in touch.

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