Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Flab No More

I've spent the past four months of my life working really hard to build muscle and get rid of flab. This meant shelling out the moolah for the diet, submitting myself and many hours to the infomercial, taking an extra (and extra-awesome) pole dancing class, and doing classes at Soma. I'm no longer embarrassed at the idea of wearing a bathing suit (not that it stopped me from going to the beach anyway; I just went naked).

Last night Andrew went with me to Pilates class. When I described it to him, I said it wasn't that bad and it just stretched things out and you could feel the muscles working during class only and there was no pain after. Well, that was my experience. I guess with all the working out I have the strength and stamina to go through the Pilates motions with relatively little pain. My muscles are already conditioned to working like that. While he survived the class (and seems willing to return), I don't think he was pain-free after.

So that got me thinking that maybe I should keep my body in shape so I never have to go through that initial phase of horrible muscle cramps and wanting to vomit during and after a workout that I've experienced when I started a workout program after getting flabby. I'm sure it's easier for these action film stars to go into their next film if they don't have to go through the first phase of working out each time because they're already in shape.

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