Monday, June 26, 2006

Girl Scouts Say: "Always Travel With a Buddy"

I had an audition today for a modeling print job. The audition location changed over the weekend (I got the invitation to audition last Monday). They actually held the auditions at a motel in Santa Monica.

Yep. I said a motel. Motels aren't bad places. I stayed in plenty with Andrew and the two dogs as we moved from St. Louis to L.A. It's just a little creepy to be called to a motel to audition. There's an urban legend I'm sure that's begging to be told about a girl who went to a motel room to audition but instead of an audition she was greeted by a bunch of cannibals who devoured her as she stood there in her strappy sandals screaming. I didn't want to be that urban legend girl.

That's why I took a buddy. Andrew has always been more than willing to accompany me on any auditions that seemed questionable. It's always worked out well (obviously). Nothing bad happened today, but it's nice to take someone along to kick some ass in the event that becomes necessary. (He's actually gotten a couple roles out of tagging along with me, and they liked him better than me when he read with me because the reader wasn't there yet at one audition.)

That's my tip for the day. If you feel like it's questionable then take a buddy. Then you can be an ass-kickin' duo if the need arises.

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