Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Great Pants Pull of 2006 - Part One

This is a picture from my mom's wedding. Mousketeer role call left to right: my older sister Charlotte, me, Mom, my small sister Kae Ellen and her little muffin Ashton. You can see that the top I'm wearing is a little tight around my ribs. You can't really see the pants, but they were flatteringly snug. (This means that they hugged everything but the waistband didn't cut into anything and cause me pain.) This was April of this year.

When I did my measurements right after I finished the infomercial classes, I had lost about 12" all over my body. An inch or two of that in my waist (which is right below the rib cage per their system) was actually from the workout. The rest of it came from the diet. I think I've lost more inches since. Yesterday I wore a pair of Old Navy size 2 dress pants to work that I could easily pull off without unfastening them. I had to wear a belt to hold them up, and these pants weren't really designed for a belt.

It's starting to get obscene with how far my regular pants droop. The legs seem a lot longer because I don't have much to hold the top of the pants up. This prompted me to go out Wednesday afternoon in search of new pants.

There's a problem with modern pants for ladies. The sizes are inconsistent. I have a pair of size 4 khakis from Target that I can still get away with wearing, but both pair of my Old Navy 2s were falling off. I went to New York & Company for some work pants, thinking that last time I lost weight I was able to find some 2s or 4s there that fit nicely until I started gaining weight. I tried on a pair of 2s (the smallest size I could find there) and I could fit Doodlebug's 18 lb. body in the front of the pants and still be comfortable. They were way too big. I had to dig through the clothing racks of Forever 21 for a pair of small work pants. I found something that didn't look like it would fall apart during the pants debut (unlike most of their clothing) and snatched it up.

Here's what I don't get about women's clothing -- why did they have to start that crappy vanity sizing? I remember when I was a size 3 in high school. How is it that I could be 30 lbs. heavier and only move up to a size 4? And how is it that I could be a size 4 and weigh 118 lbs. but other people would also be a 4 and weigh in at 150? They added size 0 when I was a teenager. Are they going to have negative pants sizes available soon when they change the waist measurement-pants size scale again? And the sizes are inconsistent from store to store, and sometimes within the same store. I may find a size 2 jean that fits at Old Navy but the size 2 work pants are like a parachute. What's the deal?

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