Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Haircut

There's a short film by Tamar Simon Hoffs called The Haircut. You can find it on The Allnighter DVD. It's incredible. In the twenty or thirty minutes it takes for the guy to get a haircut he winds up with bottles of wine, a straight razor shave, a foot massage & manicure, and entertainment by Susanna Hoffs and friends.

Saturday I went to a new place for a haircut. In Andrew's goodie bag from the Body Shake at Soma a couple weeks ago, he had an invitation for a free cut and color at Beyond the Fringe in West Hollywood. His hair is so short that the cut wouldn't be much of anything, and his hair isn't gray enough to justify a color. I took the invitation and booked just a cut for myself.

I showed up sweaty and wearing workout clothes because I was rehearsing the dances for our "recital" right before the appointment. I bet I smelled GOOD. Parking was a bitch and there are some strange road blocks in West Hollywood, but I found it and walked in two minutes late. This nice guy held the door for me and signed me in. A lot of times when I go to a place like this (on the edge of Beverly Hills), I feel like I'm surrounded by snooty people who look down on me. (I mean, c'mon, I'm an actor who works an office job to pay my bills, I drive a Mitsubishi instead of a Mercedes, and I do scrape the couch cushions for gas money at least once a month.) Didn't happen here. That was a mark in their favor. (When I'm treated well, I tip well. That comes from living off tips in food service.) They had coffee and cookies in the front, but I'm still on my diet so I didn't partake.

When Robert, my stylist, was ready for me, he sent me into a room to "change" into a robe. I guess this was so I didn't get hair all over my clothes. I peeled off my "decency pants" that I wore over my shorts and threw on the "robe," which was like one of those haircut capes with armholes and pockets. I sat down and talked with Robert about how I wanted to keep the length but add some style. I let him figure out the rest. (I usually don't trust hairdressers to do what I want since I've been disappointed so many times. For some reason, I totally trusted him with my hair.) He passed me off to the younger guy who held the door for me to get my hair washed.

The recliner I was in for the shampoo was SOOOOO comfortable. He offered me a cushion for my head but I didn't need it. We had pleasant small talk as he massaged my scalp with a groovy mixture of shampoos and conditioners. It was fantastic. There's nothing quite like having another person wash your hair, especially when they're as expert as he was. When he was done he offered me a drink -- bottled water, juice, wine(!). I accepted a little bottle of cold water (still on the diet). Wow. What service!

Then he and Robert combed the tangles out of my hair. Robert explained what he was going to do and told me not to be alarmed by the gobs of hair I'd see falling on the floor because we were keeping the length. I still trusted him completely. We talked about my pole class, the weather, my origins, the diet. When he was done cutting, he and the shampooer (valet?) set about drying my massive mane. Then he flat-ironed parts of it so it would lay flat. When I looked in the mirror, I was SOOOOO impressed. He did a fantastic job, made me feel completely comfortable being there, and he did it for free. DAMN!

The regular price is $65 for what I got done. I want to go back there because my hair looks SOOOOO good. I couldn't remember the rules for tipping your hairdresser and shampooer, so I left a $10 for Robert and a $5 for the shampooer whose name starts with a G but I can't remember the whole name.

What an AMAZING place! I'd recommend them as much as I recommend Spoiled A Day Spa for waxing. Wowie!

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