Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Making Change

I went to pilates last night (which was awesome as usual). My teacher said something rather poigniant in regards to our bodies, but it's applicable in all areas of life. She said, "If you don't like something, you have to DO something to change it. If something's not working, change." This is a philosophy that we apply in Scientology counseling (since I'm trained in that), and it's useful in every endeavor. If something's not working, change.

I have great headshots, but they're not getting me the auditions and interviews I need so I'm changing. I wanted a tighter, fitter body so I had to stop eating Doritos and sitting on the couch and start working out and doing the diet. (I ran into two gals over the weekend who wanted to lose weight and change their bodies but they didn't want to change any of their current habits or ideas about dieting. Too bad for them.) I wanted better credit so I had to (finally) do a little budgeting and a little growing up.

These are small changes, I know. But I'm winning with the small changes, and I'm taking on a little more responsibility with each change. If I become a little more responsible each day, then I'll be a lot more responsible by the end of the year. Now that I've got a workout regimen and better eating habits, I think I'll start tackling my housekeeping with a little more responsibility. It's easier to live and work in a clean environment. Today I resolve to vacuum one room in my house every day. In two weeks, it should be another little habit.

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