Thursday, June 29, 2006

New Headshots!

I got my pictures done by Chris Ann, a friend from Flirty Girls. I needed new headshots to reflect the longer hair, the lack of moles, and the slimmer body. I love my photos by Denice, but I've shot with her the past two times and I wanted to be shot by someone with a different eye this time.

The pictures turned out great. I was pleased. I paid a makeup artist to do the makeup, but I thought she was going to to my hair as well. Eeek! I was wrong. This is completely natural hair, flyaways and all.

This was my first time to shoot digital photos. Denice just uses film. I know that digital video requires more light. I think the same thing is true with the photos. I felt like I was going to go blind at times from the indirect natural light, depending on where Chris Ann was standing with the camera. It was fun, though. The cool thing about digital is that the mistakes can be erased so you don't have a CD full of pictures where you look totally stupid.

I would recommend Chris Ann to others. She's very nice and she enjoys what she does. If you book with her, mention my name so I can get a kickback. :) Just be sure to do your hair or arrange for a hair stylist to meet you there.

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