Friday, June 30, 2006

New Pole Tricks

I start my advanced pole dancing class next Thursday. Last night I had a little taste of things to come, and I got to practice some of the tricks I know with Gabrielle's supervision. I haven't been in pole class for two weeks and it's been a little too hot to play on the pole very much at home. I was a little concerned I'd be a weakling after this little break.

Fat chance! The pilates classes are keeping my core strong. In order to go upside-down, Gabrielle insists that you must be able to do three crunches in a row on the pole (pivoting the body, holding yourself up with your arms but lifting with your core, then pulling the knees up to your head so your tailbone is pointed at the ceiling). Yeah, I can do that. She spotted me the first couple times, then I just went dog wild and kept going upside-down until class was over. Then I went home to do it for my blog photo. It's so fun!

Other tricks from last night included jumping onto the pole and sliding down with the pole between the thighs (chaffes), the monkey (difficult, one-arm spin that tugs on the shoulder), and running to jump on the pole, sliding down and landing in the splits, then hopping back onto your toes). I don't do complete splits, but I can fake it nicely. I got a nasty rug burn on my big toe when I did it at home. Gabrielle said that the advanced tricks don't feel good at all, and I'll have plenty of bruises. I counted eighteen this morning.

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