Wednesday, June 14, 2006

one of us one of us one of us

After years of ridges and refusals, I've finally signed up for a myspace account. I know. Seth Godin says its a place for flirting and I've got a man so I didn't think it was a place for me. In February of this year, we played songs by three bands who have myspace accounts. Bands, not flirts. I found out a few weeks ago the husband of my headshot photographer has a music page where I heard one of his songs, and he's really quite good. My three single siblings are on myspace though, so I didn't think I belonged.

That is, until yesterday. My regular acting partner in school, Andy Rhodes, found Andrew on myspace. (Yeah, my HUSBAND had a myspace account and I was worried about joining the 'flirt' network.) I have such affinity for Andy because we went through thick and thin together, delivering jaw-dropping performances and getting chastised by our director at unpredictable times. I hoped he was fine, but I didn't know where to find him. Now I do.

I figured I could find some old pals and hook up (friend-wise) with new friends I meet in this crazy business via myspace. I've been asked so many times on set if I have myspace. I'm still blogging here because this is my blog home.

So I spent Tuesday night filling in my profile and trolling for "friends" to add to my account. I guess the idea is that you can have more rapid communication with "friends." Who knows. I'm still a novice with this thing.

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