Sunday, June 25, 2006

Open Call

It's been a while since I've been to an open call audition. The last one was at some hotel downtown (filled with Hollywood puke wannabes) and I waited for almost two hours, I was about to leave and they called me upstairs (where I waited for another thirty minutes). It's snotty, but I just don't like open calls.

So how did I wind up at an open call? I submitted my headshot and resume on Now Casting for this play. I knew it was an open call, but I wasn't going to go if I didn't hear from them. They emailed me and invited me to audition. How could I not go?

I was late for belly dancing class, so I headed straight for the audition, thinking it went from 1 PM to 4 PM. Wrong. It started at noon and there were about thirty people waiting in the hall to go in, hand over their headshot, get cut off during their monologue and sent away. I signed in and plopped down in the floor of the hallway. I had Andrew there to entertain me so the wait didn't seem so long. The hall smelled like a locker room. (Okay, part of that was my fault. I grabbed a pair of pants that I got from my sister, didn't wash but instead threw in a box, wore them four times and threw them on a chair assuming they were sort-of clean, and a shirt that was in the box with the stinky pants and was therefore also stinky.)

They called me in, laughed at the part of the monologue they let me perform, had me do it another way, stopped me and asked if I was free today (Sunday). I wiggled my way down the overpacked hall and went home to get ready for a party that evening.

I got the call around 5:15 PM. They liked me. I got a callback for today. This just goes to show that open calls don't all have to be painful.

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