Monday, June 12, 2006

Pilates - Hot Damn!

It seems like all I'm writing about is workout classes, I know. But I'm down to 104 lbs. today and I gained four pounds of muscle while working on Flirty Girls and passing the beginner and intermediate levels of Aphrodite Strip-N-Pole. I don't want to lose that muscle, and I want to keep this body so I can keep booking those high school senior roles. (By the way, I was selected to be a high school party attendee for pay last Friday. I couldn't keep the gig because I got notice to late in the day to be well rested.)

Tonight I went to pilates class at Soma. I love Soma. The Monday-Wednesday night classes are taught by Thalia, the cute little Aussie powerhouse who owns the studio. She's awesome. It was a solid hour (and ten minutes) workout. We moved pretty rapidly from one exercise to the next. I got a way better workout than I did a year ago when I was doing Winsor Pilates DVDs in an unsuccessful attempt to lose weight. When we were doing each exercise, I felt the muscles really working (which was a little tiring) but I'm not sore now. Pilates is perfect for dancers, and it's even better for people who want to work out but don't want to pant themselves into exhaustion (Andrew).

So if you feel you've got a lazy ass, get yourself to a pilates class! The teacher corrected some things I'd been doing wrong from the books and videos for a couple years, and it's really nice to be surrounded by people working toward the same goal. Hell, there was even a dude in the class! My goal is to maintain my muscle and turn my one pack into a two pack.

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