Saturday, June 17, 2006

Re-Feed Me, Seymour!

I finally got my Re-feeding program yesterday and started it immediately. I get to have bread again (hooray) instead of crackers, and it can't be any of that crappy health nut bread that I've been told to eat before. Yay! I have a loaf of organic whole wheat in my freezer just waiting for me to toast a slice.

The diet is totally personalized based on your blood tests and metabolic levels so they tell you what amounts of what food you can eat during the major weight-loss portion. On the Re-feeding, they have a 30-day eating schedule but they tell you which numbered days you should eat. You don't have to eat all thirty days unless they tell you that you do. I started out on day four. I got to add more protein and vegetables yesterday, and I get to add more today. I also got to have pineapple for the first time in over a month, which was fantastic. I get to add more meat and veggies for a few days (and more "forbidden" fruit like mulberries), then I get to add "bad" fruits (like bananas and strawberries) and some pasta or popcorn, followed by butter on my toast and cookies at the end. At some point I won't have to wait the five hours between meals any more. I should be done with Re-feeding in two weeks unless I gain weight during the process, which would make it take longer. I also have the opportunity to lose more weight as I re-educate my body to accept other foods.

I know I keep pimping this program, but it's really been the best diet I've ever experienced. (That, and a lot of actors' casting demands that they're slim and fit so they don't look heavy on-camera.) The food is good, I've lost fat and not muscle, and I get to ease my body back into having pasta and cheesecake. I have made some positive changes in my eating habits, and I'll have to continue those changes to keep the weight off. (So I don't need to eat half a pizza just because Andrew does.) If you haven't gone to check out this diet, you should.

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