Sunday, June 11, 2006

Skinny Blues

I've been on the diet for just over three weeks. Or has it been a month? Anyway, I emailed them a week ago on Wednesday for my Re-feeding Program. I was down to 107 lbs. that day (on the home scale), target weight for my body is 100-106 lbs. I guess I got confused with the two different email addresses referenced in the hatting material for the diet and sent my email to the wrong address. I talked to my friend Marina who did the diet and she told me this Wednesday (one week after my first email) to send an email to for my Re-feeding Program. So I did and I heard back almost immediately. I had to do another blood test. I did the blood test Thursday morning, so now I go back to waiting.

I'm down to 105. The infomercial scale said I was 110.8 last Monday, but I'm sticking with the home scale. The home scale matches the scale at Soma, so I'm not too worried about it. I went out and bought some XS tops from the Gap last week for the infomercial, and they fit nicely. The pants I bought for the wedding are too big and now require a belt, and I can fit the skinny jeans Kae gave to me last fall. My workout pants are a little loose in the trunk and they're smalls. I'm leaner which is very cool.

The only problem is that I've been very hungry for the past week. I'm sure part of that has to do with the fact that I should actually be close to one week into my Re-feeding. The food quantities change during Re-feeding. I'm not working out more. The hatting warned that if you work out and you start getting hungry then you're working out too much. I only had one pole class (the one I pay for) Thursday night (which is pretty low impact) and belly dancing yesterday. Why the hell am I so hungry? I've been eating shrimp for breakfast and lunch for the past few days and I'm still hungry. I wish I was allowed five more crackers or two more pieces of fruit each day just to keep pace with the hunger. I've been filling myself up with hot and iced black tea and Hansen's diet grapefruit soda. It's not working as well as I hoped, but it suffices as a temporary fix.

I have a freezer with five different types of cookies and a refrigerator with four mini Twix bars waiting for me to finish this program. I've gone to the movies TWICE and avoided getting popcorn (very hard to do). Marina said she never got this hungry. Maybe I'm just a freak. At least I'm a 105 lb. freak.

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