Sunday, June 25, 2006

Tints and Tails

Yesterday I went for a waxing and a lash tint. I'll start off with the tale of the waxing, then tell you about my first lash tint.

I made my first trip for the bikini wax at the spa in March. It was so much easier to have someone else do the waxing, and if any of you are going to get your "special place" waxed to any degree be sure they use hard wax (not that crappy taffy stuff that you can make in your microwave with water, lemon juice and sugar). This was my fourth trip for waxing my own Southland, third time to get the playboy wax (just two steps away from having the Telly Savalis or what my spa calls the Full Monty). At this point, the waxing isn't painful at all. I don't have to cry out in shock or surprise. I prefer the waxing to shaving because of shave bumps. Yuck. I highly recommend that if you start waxing you don't take months off between. It's just easier when you do it on a regular basis. And if you've never waxed before, take it on a gradient. Don't just go straight for the Sinead O'Connor.

Okay, now I'll spin you a yarn about my lash tint. My eyelashes are very blonde. Last time I went in to get my brows done, my gal recommended a lash tint. So after she waxed the Southland, she washed her hands and prepped my eyelids. She told me not to shake or open my eyes because the dye would burn. Then she wiped some glop on my lids (which I later found out was Vaseline to keep the dye from staining my eyelids). With the glop all over my eyelids, she told me to open my eyes. I could see some glop stuck between my top and bottom lashes (which is funny because I had my contacts out and I'm pretty blind without contacts or glasses), and then it fell into my eye. So my eyes were tearing up and the lids were really heavy and she told me just to close my eyes and try to relax and fall asleep. She applied the dye and told me not to shake. Just try to go to sleep. So I was trying to go to sleep when she told me to relax my eyes because I was holding them too tightly closed. I tried relaxing and she started peeling my lids open just a little bit. (Now, I was supposed to keep my eyes closed because the dye would burn and my eyes are still irritated from the glop.) It wasn't bad while I was lying there with the dye newly applied. That's when she started working on my brows. The eyebrow cycle involves waxing below the brow, above the brow, the Bert area, trimming and tweezing. I was fine until we got to the tweezing. There's really no way to completely brace yourself when it comes to tweezing. It's worse (to me) than waxing. I was trying so hard to keep my eyes closed in a relaxed way while she tweezed AND asked me questions about the diet. I can't stay still when I talk in life, so this was a bad idea. After she finished the brows, she cleaned the glop off my lids and I helped her "wash" (with wet cotton cloths) the dye off my lids. She recommended I not do it again because I shook too much. Knowing that we started off with Vaseline, I think I can try it once more.

You can barely see the improvement in the photo, but my lashes are now dark brown. I went to my audition with no mascara, so that was a win.

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