Saturday, June 24, 2006

Whatever Happened to . . . ?

Oh, you mean that theatre company I auditioned for back in February or March? Um, yeah. About that. I was stuck in a maybe on the whole thing. I mean, I could shell out some cash to be part of a theatre group for a chance to be in a show, or I could keep my money and not be part of that specific group and maybe not be in a show. Hmmm.

So when I'm stuck in a maybe, usually something happens to force me to make a decision. What happened? I had some large bill arrive the day after the meeting so I didn't have the money to spare. I tried backing out gently but that didn't work, so I just stopped communicating. They stopped sending me emails in April or May.

I totally understand what this group is trying to do, and there are lots of other little theatre groups forming all over L.A. There's too much talent and not enough parts, or at least the talents don't feel that they're really being seen enough. They decide to get together with some friends and put up a show but that costs money so they pool their resources to put up a show. Then they want to add some variety to their group (and have a little more cash for their shows) so they bring in new members. It's very admirable, and if you can deal with the freedoms and barriers of that game then go for it.

When I went to that fateful Monday meeting, I figured out that this was not my game. I didn't see myself fitting in with this group. It felt like it would be a sideways step for me instead of a step forward. I already have my own playwright on retainer, so I could get an awesome play script with a role that I want to play. I'd much rather shell out money for a show where I have a good role, and there was no promise of getting a good (or bad) role for my investment. They had all of their shows cast up into July, so I had no possibility of a role until August (which is when we were looking at doing Sonny). And I think I may have had more credits on my resume than the other guys, so I didn't know how much I would learn from these people. (Snobby, right?)

So I made the right choice -- for me. If I'm going to pay to play, I think I'm going to pay for a good role and for Andrew to have his work heard.

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